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You make a reservation on our website. If you want a pre-booking you can send us an e-mail and we will confirm your booking along with a quote thru e-mail, text message (SMS) or by phone. You can do your booking 7/24.
Phone:  00 90 252 692 4477

Yes, we require a deposit when renting our vehicles.

You need to show your driver’s license to rent a vehicle.

If we are notified beforehand, ¼ of the daily price would be charged for 3 hours delay, ½ of the daily price is charged for 6 hours and a full day rental price would be charged for 10 hours and more delay.

You can pay the rental fee with valid credit card or through Paypal. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Eurocard.

The age limit to rent a vehicle is 21 years old.

You can come to our office with your booking confirmation. If you want the car to be delivered to the Airport, we will meet you at the meeting point outside the Terminal with your written name on Master Car Rental board. We also deliver your car in car parking area at the Airport.

After the completion of the rental your contract is closed. Your invoice will be organized within seven working days and will be delivered to your address by mail or by post. If you want your invoice to be delivered to a different address, please make sure you let our booking supervisor know.

If you want to cancel your booking, you can inform us 1 day before without any charges.

You can change your vehicle by informing us 3 days in advance.

Yes. Rentals with driver or a guide is possible.

If you want to extend your rental period, please let us know 1 day before your rental contract expire.

You will recieve an email from us confirming your reservation details.

Yes, while booking from our website please choose option "Cash At Arrival" section and confirm your booking.

Yes, please let us know before you make booking.

Yes, from booking on our page after selecting your car type you will see our EXTRAS like ( Additional Driver, Navigation etc).

Yes. We have Casco Insurance to all the cars we rent.

Auto Casco Insurance is a voluntary insurance that gives security to your vehicle. In case of anything happen or damages in your vehicle, Casco cover the expenses depending on what kind of Insurance you applied. Full Casco Insurance with the risk of theft is certainly the most expensive, but it offers you the total security. Casco covers damages caused by collision, crash, sliding, fire etc. Tire punctures, windscreen, headlight damages, parking fines & vehicle damages done purposely by the owner cannot be covered by Casco.

Collision Damages is being covered by the insurance plus 18% tax in all of our rates. Once all the insurance processes had been done, the driver at fault has to compensate 500 Tl to the other party if injured

In the event of an accident, completely fill up the report form and with all of your documents (driver’s license, passport, ID & any certificate) along with all the documents of the other party/parties you need to bring or send it to our office within 48.

• Vehicles driven by people whose name is not on the rental agreement.
• Driving the vehicle in a careless manner & conditions like high engine temperature, driving in bad roads & driving with flat tires etc.
• Violating traffic rules.
• Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• If an accident or theft occurred and has not been reported or abandoned within 48 hours.
• If vehicle was stolen and key was not returned to the company.
• If rental period expired and vehicle was not delivered to company.
• Driving without approval.
• Car loading that could damage the vehicle.

If you have rented a car from our company before, we do keep your details however, you still have to fax your driver’s license to our office. If you lost your driver’s license due to failure of traffic rules then you cannot drive the car in Turkey.

No. Only the name listed on the rental agreement can drive a car.

At the end of the rental period, you can deliver the car to the pre-specified location. In case of a change between delivery and collection station you can give us a call and learn about booking one-way fee.

Yes. We offer roadside assistance 24/7.

You need to report the accident to the police and to our company and we will help and guide you with the process.

If you lost your car’s ignition key, you need to file a report and send it to our office within 48 hours along with all your personal documents.

If you dropped the ignition key of the car into the water, you must pay the whole expenses because all the keys of our cars has immobilizer system and it is impossible to repair after dropping it to the water. Unfortunately, all insurance company does not cover this problem so all expenses is to be paid by the driver.

Thank you for booking your car with Master Car Rental!

Secure Payments - Paypal

Secure Payments - Paypal